Thursday, March 13, 2014

DIY Double Barn Doors

After recently moving into somewhat of a "fixer-upper" house, I have a million projects and ideas in mind to make this house our home.  It seems I am adding ideas to my Pintrest boards daily. I really like the cottage/farmhouse style. I came across several tutorials on how to make your own interior barn doors on a track. We had the perfect doorway for this. It leads from our bedroom into our master bathroom. So here is one project I can check off my list!
The tutorial I found most helpful for building the door is found here. We built ours a little different. We used tounge & groove boards and then 1x4s for the framing & the "Z" design. We just used screws coming from the back to attach the 1x4s around the front. I beat up the wood by grinding rocks on it, hitting it with a hammer & pry bar (among other weird items I found in the workshop), and making nail holes.

Then I primed it with yellow primer and painted it with two coats of flat latex paint.

After it was dry, I brushed stain over the door in small sections and then wiped it off immediately to get the old, weathered look. The next day, I sprayed this side with polyurethane satin finish. I painted the other side of the door a charcoal gray color which is the side you'd see from our bathroom.


The tutorial I used to make the track can be found here. We had to use more washers between the steel bar and the stained 1x4 as well as between the steel bars & the pullys so that the doors would hang in the right spot to clear the trim & baseboards. 

I also needed to come up with something to prevent the doors from being pulled out too far from the wall. So I got four corner brackets & spray painted two of them black. On those two, I wrapped & hot glued felt around the side that could rub on the door.
Then we screwed the other ones to the baseboards on both sides of the doorway. After sliding the door back & forth and figuring exactly where to attach the other bracket, I glued them together with gorilla glue super glue. 


Here's how it looks from our bathroom:


  1. It looks beautiful! It is so exciting to know that someone used my tutorial! I love your idea for the tracking on the floor. Do you remember how many extra washers you ended up using? Your door is gorgeous too!

  2. Thank you! I know I used 7 washers between the steel bar and the stained wood. I think I used around 5 or 6 on the pulley. This helped adjust how far the door hung away from the wall to clear the trim around the doorway.

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