Monday, March 31, 2014

The little chicks love their new home.

The Brooder is ready.
We have pine shavings, diy feeder, diy water bottle, diy mini roost & a heat lamp. 

 No, they aren't getting Greek yogurt. It's "starter feed" for chicks. But down the road we'll give them yogurt. I've read that is a yummy treat chickens enjoy.

They figured out how to drink from the poultry nipples very quick. When they peck at it, a little water drips down. It is so cute watching them get little drinks.

Oh, and we've named them. And yes, we can tell them apart. Although sometimes I have to look at my list where I wrote the descriptions of what makes each of them just a little different. So the girls would like to introduce the little girls:
Penny - the Black COPPER Maran
Pepper - a Black Australorp
Penelope - the other BA
Scarlet - A Rhode Island Red
Red Robin - The other RIR
Rose - a lighter red chicken (Red Star)
Jeanne (an Easter Egger named after Nana)
Clairese (an EE named after Mimi)
Sue (an EE that we think is a it could be a boy named Sue)
Lady Egg (an EE...get it? Lay D egg!)

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