Sunday, June 1, 2014

Next project: The back deck

Our back deck was in desperate need of repair. Back in February, my mom stepped through a rotten board. Fortunately, she wasn't hurt. Then recently we had some friends over to enjoy our new pool.

I was nervous that their kids wouldn't watch where to step & where not to step. Yes, the deck renovation was next on the project list. Here are some before photos. The deck in question is on the left side of this picture. 
The rails/slats were falling apart so we removed them. I haven't decided if I will replace them. The deck is only a few feet high and I can see us sitting on the edge of the deck, enjoying the view of our land & kids in the pool. Of course, I'd like to get some chairs & a table for this deck down the road...

Then we removed all the old, rotten boards. And by we, I mean Jeremy. But that was only because we have only one nail puller & large hammer. I removed the rails, though!
And I did some my new clothesline that Jeremy put up. I'll mainly use it for swim suits & slightly damp pool towels. But not our bath towels. I don't like crunchy bath towels. 
Then we started putting on the new boards. My job was to measure, mark & cut the boards that went around the posts. I got a new jig saw out of the deal! The one we had before was so old that when I went to the hardware store for new blades, I found they were obsolete. The solution? A new jig saw.

Stay tuned for more photos of the progress...


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